Application of brick microparticles in building industry


Provider: MPO ČR
Solution time: 2016 - 2020
Project No: FV10036

The main target of the project is an industrial research and development of acoustic bricks, where brick microparticles generated during grinding brick elements will be utilized. For the realization of this target the following objectives are formulated:
1. Selection of suitable raw materials and their design modifications to optimize raw material base for the production of acoustic bricks including the selection of suitable brick microparticles and design of technological procedures for handling and sorting.
2. Design of a physical model of sound attenuation in acoustic brick with complex internal geometry and mathematical model of sound propagation in absorbing medium containing large-scale heterogeneities.
3. Alternative design of the space arrangement of cavities in the acoustic bricks for different types of fillers and sealants.
4. Design and modification of the composition and production technology of rapidly solidifying materials for sealing the fillers in acoustic bricks and detailed determination of their rheological, mechanical and durability parameters.
5. Laboratory verification of the functionality of acoustic bricks on the basis of determining the physical parameters of sound attenuation of their individual components and whole acoustic bricks, determination of the sound transmission loss of acoustic bricks in large-scale experiments.
6. Verification of the final variant of acoustic bricks according to the relevant test standards.

Principal investigator

Robert Černý

2 2435 5044

Office: A330