High performance concrete with enhanced self-healing capability


Provider: GAČR
Solution time: 2019 - 2021
Project No: 19-14789S

Concrete despite of many performed studies still requires further research towards material optimization towards its improvements. Application of the high-performance concrete as the very durable material is unfortunately accompanied with the significant autogenous shrinkage which resulting usually in the crack propagation and thus loss of its outstanding mechanical properties. Dealing with this topic is subjected by an extensive research, however clear and efficient way to mitigate this handicap is still missing. The suitable incorporation of modern and smart materials into conventional materials as the concrete is can be perceived as a promising way towards development of new modified materials with enhanced self-healing capability. The proposed project is aimed on utilization of superabsorbent polymers as smart materials which are able to significantly promote self-healing capability of concrete. The optimization of mixture composition allows substantial improvements of the mechanical parameters and extension of concrete service life.

Principal investigator

Jan Fořt

2 2435 7130

Office: A325