Interior thermal insulation systems for the architectural heritage domain


Provider: MK ČR
Solution time: 2016 - 2020
Project No: DG16P02H046

The project is aimed at the investigation of interior thermal insulation systems (ITIS) suitable for the architectural-heritage domain. The essence of the project resides in the assessment of building materials and technologies for interior thermal insulations based on the results of the material- and building-physics research. Such an assessment allows for a choice of a particular solution for the protection of characteristic types of building envelopes of existing structures.

In order to fulfill the essence of the project, several tasks must be specified:

1)      Analysis of the existing variants of ITIS offering critical assessment of the application of investigated systems including their effectiveness and potential risks, selection of prospective solutions for the application in engineering practice.

2)      Experimental determination of thermal and hygric properties of particular components of ITIS (thermal insulation, plaster, joint material) that enables to obtain necessary input parameters for the computational model of coupled heat and moisture transport in the envelopes of existing buildings provided by ITIS.

3)      Design and realization of laboratory experiments aimed at the identification of temperature and moisture fields in critical details of building envelopes in most severe seasons and validation of the computational model based on the experimental data.

4)      Analysis and assessment of the hygrothermal performance of ITIS applied in the existing buildings and their energy- and economical contributions evaluated using the computational model validated in the laboratory critical experiments, including the evaluation of the success rate of a particular application.

5)         Publication work summarizing the research results for a wider expert community, such as designers, investors, monument care authorities, and development of an interactive software tool allowing for the choice of a particular ITIS suitable for the desired type of building envelope.

Principal investigator

Robert Černý

2 2435 5044

Office: A330