Materials for Circular Economy: Industrial Waste Based Geopolymer Composites with Hybrid Reinforcement


Provider: M-ERA.NET (TA ČR)
Solution time: 5.2022-4.2025
Project No: GEOSUMAT


Consortium: UiT, The Arctic University of Tromso (NO), Gerosion Ltd (IS), Cracow University of Technology (PL), Specjalistyczne Przedsiebiorstwo Gornicze sp. zo.o. (PL), Babes-Bolyai University (RO), Czech Technical University in Prague (CZ), CHEMSTR-Safarik (CZ), ReforceTech AS (NO)

Supporting agencies: RCN (Norway), RANNIS (Iceland), NCBR (Poland), UEFISCDI (Romania), TACR (Czech Republic).

Materials for Circular Economy: Industrial Waste Based Geopolymers Composites with Hybrid Reinforcement. The main objective of GEOSUMAT “Materials for circular economy - industrial waste-based geopolymers composites with hybrid reinforcement” is to design and characterise new fibre reinforced eco-friendly geopolymers (GPs) composites based on industrial and mining wastes. The principal drivers for the GEOSUMAT concept are:

• Re-use of local waste resources to support local businesses and contribute to circular economy principles

• Achieve CO2 reductions through the replacement of concrete in construction applications and its capture during casting and curing stages

• Encourage the preservation of natural resources.

In addition, to investigate and improve the mechanical and functional properties of the material, a study of hybrid reinforcement using glass minibars, basalt fibres and waste polymer materials used as fibres. The resulting GPs composites will be for civil engineering applications such as precast elements predominantly for marine ambient applications and industrial floors.

Principal investigator

Lukáš Fiala

2 2435 7125

Office: A328