Alkali activated aluminosilicate composites based on ceramic precursors


Provider: GAČR
Solution time: 2019 - 2021
Project No: 19-01982S

Alkali activated aluminosilicate composites based on ceramic precursors will be designed and then assessed using material characterization experiments and material parameters
measurements. The mix design will take into account the low amorphous portion and possible CaO content of the precursors. Therefore, a detailed physical and chemical characterization of the precursors will be done at first. Then, an analysis of the effect of precursor, activator and aggregate dosage and activator composition on the rheological properties of fresh mixtures will be done. The hardened composites will be subjected to a set of characterization experiments including MIP, SEM, XRF, and XRD analyses. The investigations of material properties will be based on the determination of basic physical, mechanical, fracture mechanical, hygric, thermal, and durability parameters. The analysis of links between the material parameters, composition and microstructure will make possible to propose the directions of subsequent applied research on the studied composites.

Principal investigator

Eva Vejmelková

2 2435 7129

Office: A327