Cement composite for radionuclide encasement


Provider: GAČR
Solution time: 2017 - 2019
Project No: 17-11635S

Radioactive waste disposal has been a subject of intensive research since 1950s, but no
method that would fully solve all involved problems has been developed and used in the
applications. This project is intended to focus on a subset of these problems, namely,
development of a cement based composite suitable for encasement of radioactive waste and radionuclide immobilization. In general, there are two possible approaches. The first one utilizes a sufficiently dense material forming a physical barrier against radionuclide transport, the other uses a porous material with components that can bind and fixate radionuclides within its structure. In this project, composite materials and/or their combinations will be designed that will satisfy at least one of these two requirements and will still retain proper physical properties and durability. Possible application of such materials is for LLW and ILW disposal in a deep geological repository for radioactive waste that should be constructed in this century in the Czech Republic.

Principal investigator

Igor Medveď

2 2435 7924

Office: D1048