Characterization of composite materials based on surface-modified rapeseed straw and environmentally-friendly adhesives


Provider: GA ČR
Solution time: 2020-2022
Project No: 20-12166S

The proposed project is focused on the design of a new composite material based on rapeseed
straw and environmentally-friendly polymer adhesive. The utilization of secondary agricultural
products, e.g. straw or shive, can provide a wide range of possible applications in building
structures and concurrently decrease the environmental burden. The most frequently-studied
material is hemp concrete. However, utilization of this type of bio-concrete is limited due to its low compressive strength, which does not reach over 1 MPa in most cases. In the project, the mineral binder will be substituted by an organic and synthetic adhesive. Bone glue modified with
sodium lignosulfonate will be used as the primary glue. Thermoplastics based on recyclable
acrylates and powdered polyesters will also be tested. The rapeseed straw surface will be
threated to achieve better wettability. The surface modification will be studied using microscopic

Principal investigator

Miloš Jerman

2 2435 7128

Office: A317