Chemical and physical interactions of basalt-based reinforcement with cementitious matrix


Provider: GA ČR
Solution time: 2021-2023
Project No: 21-00800S

Basalt-based reinforcement can be considered as a prospective substitute to various steel-,
glass- or carbon-based reinforcing elements in cement composites due to its convenient
combination of mechanical properties, high-temperature resistance, and environmental and
economical parameters. However, its interactions with the cementitious matrix are currently not
known in sufficient detail as they were studied only rarely in-depth to date. The main
contribution of the project to the current state of the art consists in providing new information on
chemical and physical interactions of various types of basalt reinforcing elements with various
types of cementitious matrices. Contrary to the previous approaches which were based mostly
on the measurement of mass loss of basalt reinforcement, qualitative and quantitative modeling
of reaction kinetics will be the principal method utilized in this project.

Principal investigator

Robert Černý

2 2435 5044

Office: A330