Controlled modification of mineralogical composition of ceramic body for improvement of its utility properties


Provider: GA ČR
Solution time: 2020-2022
Project No: 20-01536S

Nowadays, the products of traditional ceramics have still a dominant position in industrial
application of anorganic nonmetallic materials. Their production is based on clays, mostly illitic.
This is especially true for bricks and tiles. It is also known that the addition of the CaO source
enables the formation of the new mineral phases (such as anorthite). The production of ceramic
materials based on illitic clays is not specifically focused to support crystallization of anorthite.
However, an increase of anorthite content improves the final properties of ceramic materials.
The aim of the proposed project is to study the formation of new phases in the ceramic
materials based on illitic clay during firing and their influence on final properties of ceramics.
The research can be divided into three stages: the study of crystallization of new phases in a
system of pure illite and laboratory CaCO3, the study of pure illite and wollastonite mixture, and
finally the study of influence of new phases in ceramic material on their final properties.

Principal investigator

Anton Trník

2 2435 4771

Office: D1065