Effect of Biofilms on Hygrothermal Performance of Building Facades Materials


Provider: GAČR
Solution time: 2019 - 2021
Project No: 19-01558S

The project aims at building facades biodegradation. Main objective is formulation of methodology which enables prediction, quantification and elimination of potential risks of biodegradation. The projects strategy consists of three independent research paths that are connected in the later stage. Firstly, the composition of biofilms is identified and their influence on material properties is investigated by means of experimental analysis. At the same time, an environmental impact on biofilms growth is studied. The obtained data are used for formulation of biological growth model. Finally, the selected physical model of coupled heat and moisture transport in building materials is used for prediction of moisture and temperature fields, while the biological growth model works as an extension allowing prediction of biofilms growth after exposure to weather conditions. Due to implementation of results of experimental analysis, the secondary effects of biofilms on material properties can be included in the modelling. Their impact can be therefore thoroughly assessed.

Principal investigator

Václav Kočí

2 2435 7125

Office: A328