Functional characteristics and environmental impact of lime plasters with natural additives for historical building reno


Provider: GAČR
Solution time: 2022-2024
Project No: 22-00420S

The project is devoted to the analysis of plaster mixtures based on air-hardening lime with
natural, in particular plant, additives. Suitable raw materials are selected at first and their
treatment with a view to optimization of raw material basis is designed. Then, an improved
preparation technology of plasters, which takes historical techniques into consideration and
aims at durability enhancement, is proposed. Functional characteristics of the developed
plasters are determined, their environmental impact is analyzed, and durability tests are
performed. The measured material characteristics are used as input data of computational
model for the prediction of temperature, moisture and salt concentration fields in characteristic
types of envelopes of historical buildings provided with the newly developed plasters. Based on
the durability tests, results of long-term computer simulations of temperature, moisture and salt
concentration fields, and environmental impact analyses, a service life analysis and life cycle
analysis of the developed plasters is performed.

Principal investigator

Jiří Maděra

2 2435 7127

Office: A331