Geopolymers for smart applications in civil engineering


Provider: GAČR
Solution time: 2019 - 2021
Project No: 19-11516S

Geopolymers suitable for smart applications in civil engineering will be studied within the project. The mix design will be based on using advanced optimization procedures including the selection of different precursors, activators, and specific admixtures. In the optimization process, basic physical properties and basic mechanical and electrical parameters will serve as fundamental optimization criteria, the results of material characterization will be taken into account as well. The optimized geopolymers will be analyzed in detail at first from the point of view of microstructure, texture and chemical and mineralogical composition, using a set of material characterization experiments. Then, a wide set of material parameters, including mechanical, fracture-mechanical, hygric, thermal and electrical, will be determined and their links to the microstructure and composition will be analyzed. Finally, basic guidelines for the smart applications of developed geopolymers in civil engineering and recommendations for the subsequent applied research work will be formulated.

Principal investigator

Lukáš Fiala

2 2435 7125

Office: A328