Innovation of the production technology of lightened brick body for thin-walled brick blocks


Provider: MPO ČR
Solution time: 2019-2022
Project No: FV40007

The main objective of the proposed project is improvement of technology solution of the lightened brick body for thin-walled brick blocks on the basis
of the achievement of deeper knowledge on the relation between its microstructure and utility properties.
The following sub-objectives are necessary to be met prior to the main objective:
1. An analysis of the composition and properties of the raw material depending on the position in the location,
2. a detailed determination of basic physical, mechanical, thermal and hygric properties of the brick body in dependence on temperature and time
of burning,
3. an improvement of the drying process of the raw material,
4. an optimization of the energetic and economic demands of the burning process in the operating conditions.

Principal investigator

Robert Černý

2 2435 5044

Office: A330