Interior plasters with enhanced moisture accumulation capability


Provider: GAČR
Solution time: 2018 - 2020
Project No: 18-03997S

Moisture level significantly affects durability of constructions, their thermal performance and quality of indoor air. Although modern advanced ventilation systems provide sufficient air exchange rate, their wider application is in conflict with sustainability development principles due to high energy demands. Moreover, according to the EU legislation related to the “Nearly Zero Energy Buildings” (EU Directives 2002/91/EC and 2010/31/EU), air tightness of building envelopes in order to provide high thermal resistance leads to large moisture loads in building interiors. Among other factors, a high level of relative humidity has negative effect on the work efficiency and health of building inhabitants. The proposed project is aimed on the analysis of chosen porogene and superabsorbent additives and consequent design, development and detail experimental analysis of newly developed interior plasters with enhanced hygric  properties. In order to access complex and realistic parameter for description of the adsorption and desorption performance the new experimental approach is introduced.

Principal investigator

Jan Fořt

2 2435 7130

Office: A325