Investigation of application of phase change materials in energy-storage plasters


Provider: GAČR
Solution time: 2014 - 2016
Project No:

The energy consumption for heating and air conditioning of buildings varies significantly during the day and night especially in extremely hot and cold climate. Here, the thermal energy storage in the materials of buildings envelopes can be beneficially used for moderation of interior climate. For the thermal energy storage at specific technical applications, phase change materials (PCMs) have received a great interestwithin recent years. Therefore, application of latent heat storage building envelope systems using the PCMs looks like effective way of storing the thermal energy and has the advantages of high energy storage density. The project is focused on study of chosen PCMs, design, development, and detail experimental analysis of exterior plasters with incorporated PCMs. On the basis of experimentally accessed material parameters, the long term computational analysis of materials performance within their exposure to the harmful climatic conditions will be performed in order to evaluate their hygrothermal performance.


Principal investigator

Milena Pavlíková

2 2435 7903

Office: D1045