Investigation of processes at the formation of solid structure in the silicon oxide-Portland cement system in a relation


Provider: GAČR
Solution time: 2014 - 2016
Project No:

The main target of the project is the analysis of chemical and physical behavior of amorphous SiO2 in the cement matrix and of the effect of this behavior on the properties of both the matrix and porous space of different types of cement-based composites. The principal feature of investigations to be performed is their complexity. As a basic concept of project solution, a combination of mutually interconnected experimental treatments is adopted. It involves chemical and physical characterization methods applied for both raw materials and prepared composite samples, microstructural and textural analyses of composites applied over representative time periods, experimental determination of basic physical parameters, mechanical and fracture-mechanical parameters, and moisture and heat transport and storage properties. This complex approach makes it possible to attain a higher level of understanding of the chemical and physical processes taking place in the studied composites than if only a couple of basic parameters are analyzed as it is common in many current investigations.


Principal investigator

Zbyšek Pavlík

2 2435 7917

Office: D1048a