Mass transfer in porous construction materials suitable for application in nuclear waste repositories


Provider: GA ČR
Solution time: 2022-2024
Project No: 22-03474S

A strive to suppress or even halt migration of radionuclides through barriers used in nuclear waste repositories has become of increasing interest in the past decades. A prospective approach to plausibly assess the safety of such barriers for long periods of their usage is via modeling in which data from available, much shorter experiments are employed. However complex the description of radionuclide transport may be, its true applicability and predictive ability heavily depends on the precision with which the transport and storage parameters are determined. In this project a complex assessment of mass transfer in porous construction materials suitable for application in nuclear waste repositories is performed. Both robust physical, mathematical and computational models and advanced non-destructive methods for determination of mass transport and storage parameters are involved at the assessment. The applied combination of computational and experimental techniques leads to the identification of optimum parameter sets of construction materials used in nuclear waste repositories.

Principal investigator

Jan Kočí

2 2435 7130

Office: A325