Patryk Jędrzejczak

mgr inż. Patryk Jędrzejczak

mgr inż. Patryk Jędrzejczak



Polsko (Poland)



Affiliation: Poznan Technical University, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology and Engineering

Internship Duration: 18th March 2024 – 17th June 2024

Description: Research focuses on designing and characterizing hybrid materials consisting of titanium(IV) oxide and kraft lignin, followed by their application as admixtures in cementitious composites. Incorporating the aforementioned hybrid systems into the cement matrix should contribute to the development of construction materials exhibiting photocatalytic activity under both ultraviolet and visible light irradiation, while also demonstrating antimicrobial properties. Furthermore, the research will determine the influence of additives on the strength parameters, rheological properties, and porous structure of cementitious composites.