Research and development of high performance composites containing biomass ash


Provider: GAČR
Solution time: 2017 - 2019
Project No:

The suggested project is focused on usage of biomass ash as a pozzolana active admixture in the cement, lime and alkali activated aluminosilicates composites. At first, the chemical and mineralogical analysis of raw materials is performed to choose the most suitable ingredients. Then, the design and development of composites from the point of view of biomass ash amount and fresh mixtures behaviour is solved. The experimental work comprises also the monitoring of hydration, microstructure development and observation of fresh and hardened mixtures properties. Finally, recommendations and principle rules for application of biomass ash in design and production of composites with high utility properties are formulated, and economical and environmental benefits of usage of secondary raw materials in high performance composites manufacture is evaluated.

Principal investigator

Milena Pavlíková

2 2435 7903

Office: D1045