Restoration of hard-plaster facades from the first half of 20th century


Provider: MK ČR
Solution time: 2023-2027
Project No: DH23P03OVV012

The main aim of the proposed project is the design of hard plaster mixtures and application technologies for their restoration on the façades of buildings from the first half of 20th century. Based on the passportization and analysis of the preserved historical hard plasters, a procedure for restoration of surface layers of buildings from the first half of 20th century will be formulated and two functional samples will be created. The research results will also be presented in the form of an exhibition with a critical catalogue. The technology of renovation of historical buildings from the first half of 20th century presents a specific topic in the field of architectural heritage. In the interwar period decorative façades were gradually replaced by an austere style which required other materials solutions. The historical buildings from that time, including the façades, are getting near the end of their service life and their renovation is required. Their construction technologies are often different from the traditional technologies and fundamentally different from the current technologies. For the renovation of the façades and preservation of their authenticity, the knowledge of technology and composition of the original plasters is essential. The aiming of the project is unique as the plasters from the mentioned historical period were not studied yet in a systematic way, and the binders and technological procedures necessary for their production were not analyzed in detail. The aims of the project fit in the main topical priority 15. Protection, conservation, restauration and prevention of national immovable and movable cultural heritage for its preservation and for the quality improvement of the system of monument – and collection care, including museum-, gallery-, library-, and archival funds, in the sense of utilization of the results of applied research in the area of immovable and movable cultural heritage care (restoration, maintenance, conservation).

Principal investigator

Robert Černý

2 2435 5044

Office: A330