Thermoelectric properties and energy harvesting ability of electrically enhanced alkali-activated aluminosilicates


Provider: GA ČR
Solution time: 2022-2024
Project No: 22-00960S

The project deals with the design and characterization of multifunctional alkali-activated construction materials with optimized thermoelectric properties. Such materials are applicable for energy harvesting from environmental-friendly sources such as solar radiation or waste heat. Since the energy harvesting ability is crucially dependent on electrical properties, materials will be optimized by electrically conductive admixtures and the relationship between the amount of a given admixture and the degree of improvement in thermoelectric properties will be investigated. The design of the materials will be conducted by using computer optimization with respect to the required consistency of fresh mixtures, basic physical, mechanical, and electrical properties. The optimized mixtures will be investigated in terms of microstructure, texture, chemical and mineralogical composition, mechanical, moisture, thermal, and electrical properties will be determined experimentally. Based on the results, the practical applicability of perspective variants of materials will be discussed.

Principal investigator

Lukáš Fiala

2 2435 7125

Office: A328