Valorization of freshwater sediments by alkali activation


Provider: GA ČR
Solution time: 2022-2024
Project No: 22-04726S

The construction industry is currently struggling with a shortage of primary raw materials that are needed for buildings, road construction in particular. As reported at several levels, the limited availability of suitable materials will be a major issue for future development in the construction industry. In this sense, most research efforts being focused on the utilization of various by-products or waste materials having suitable physico-chemical properties for consequent production of alternative binders. The main theme of this project is innovative not only from the point of view of the valorization of freshwater sediments through the alkali activation by using waste alkalis but especially in terms of analysis of the freshwater sediments potential as a future resource bank for the construction industry considering the various grades of sediments. In this regard, obtained material characteristics will be linked with the mineralogical and chemical composition of sediments, and together with outputs from sonar will be used for sediments classification.

Principal investigator

Jan Fořt

2 2435 7130

Office: A325