Application of the ternary gypsum-based binders in the composite materials


Provider: GAČR
Solution time: 2016 - 2018
Project No:

In the project, the composite materials, containing ternary binders will be studied. These materials will be formulated with the goal to increase namely their mechanical properties and to improve the resistance against moisture, because the low resistance against water is one of the main problems of the pure gypsum-based materials. Ternary binders, containing besides gypsum also pozzolans and alkalic components, which serves as an activator of pozzolanic reaction, could be good solution of the problem. Mostly fly ash is used as a pozzolan component, in the project the metakaolin and fine-ground brick will be used, because these materials were studied very rarely in the past. The modern optimization methods will be utilized for the design of the new materials. Gypsum-based binders were studied mostly in the form of the pastes, testing of the ternary gypsum-based composites, containing some filler also is real novelty.

Principal investigator

Alena Vimmrová

2 2435 7126

Office: A329