Characterization of properties of modified isocyanate-based adhesives for structural engineered wood products


Provider: GA ČR
Solution time: 2021-2023
Project No: 21-20645S

In the field of adhesives intended for load-bearing wooden structures, it is currently a priority to
use adhesives with the lowest possible impact on the environment, which at the same time do
not contain formaldehyde. Existing natural-based adhesives do not show sufficient bonded joint
durability, and most synthetic adhesives for boards or beams are formaldehyde-based. The
essence of the proposed project is the effort to achieve qualitatively better parameters of
isocyanate adhesives and their optimal modification via dispersed particles. The project will
monitor the effect of the filler on the properties of the adhesive mixture and on the interphase
interface of the bonded wood joint at the sub-microscopic level. Via suitable modification of
adhesives, it is possible to achieve not only an improvement in its properties, but also the
overall increase of the load-bearing capacity or stiffness of the bonded joint. Modification of
isocyanate adhesives will be carried out with regard to the use of adhesives for wood structural
panels and finger joints of wooden structural elements.

Principal investigator

Martin Böhm

2 2435 7128

Office: A317