Martin Böhm

doc. Ing. Martin Böhm, Ph.D.

doc. Ing. Martin Böhm, Ph.D.



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Academic qualifications


Associate Professor (Asssoc. Prof.), Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, CULS Prague, Field of study: Technology in Forestry and Wood Processing, Habilitation thesis: Estimation of Formaldehyde Emission form Composite Wood Products


Doctoral degree (Ph.D.), Faculty of of Forestry and Wood Sciences, CULS Prague,  Field of study: Technology and Mechanization in Forestry, Master thesis: Influence of Moisture Content on Mechanical and Physical Properties of Oriented Strand Boards


Master degree (Ing.), Faculty of Forestry and Environment, CULS Prague, Field of study: Wood Science and Technology, Master thesis: Thickness Swelling and Linear Expansion of Wood-based Flooring Materials

Employment and practice


Associate Professor, Department of Materials Engineering and Chemistry, Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU Prague

2016 - 2018

Associate Professor, Department of Wood Products and Wood Constructions, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, CULS Prague

2014 - 2015

Researcher, Fulbright-Masaryk scholarship, College of Natural Resources, North Carolina State University Raleigh

2013 - 2014

Head of Department of Wood Products and Wood Constructions, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, CULS Prague

2007 - 2012

Associate Professor, Department of Wood Processing, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, CULS Prague


Secretary of Plant Manager, Wood Processing Company (České dřevařské závody) Prague

Research activity

Assessment of structure and properties of wood, optimization of wood-based materials and natural fiber composites for the intended use, modification of adhesives and surface treatments.


Bachelor courses

Master courses

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