Influence of fillers on the structure and properties of calcium sulphate composites


Provider: GAČR
Solution time: 2019 - 2021
Project No: 19-08605S

The composite materials with calcium sulphate binders, containing different types of fillers will be studied. The influence of the type, composition, structure and surface of fillers on the properties and structure of composites with calcium sulphate binders will be assessed. The calcium sulphate binders have different chemical composition than cement binders and also their setting behaviour differs significantly, therefore it is not possible to expect the same behaviour of calcium sulphate composites as was found for the cement based composites. While the influence of fillers on the properties of cement based materials was studied thoroughly, calcium sulphate based materials were not almost studied yet. The different types of inorganic and organic fillers will be chosen and mortars with pure or composed calcium sulphate binder will be prepared with them. The properties and structure of the mortars will be studied. Special attention will be paid to the study of interfacial transition zone, because it has significant impact on the properties of composite materials.

Principal investigator

Alena Vimmrová

2 2435 7126

Office: A329