Properties, durability and performance of lightweight mortars with mineral admixtures


Provider: GAČR
Solution time: 2018 - 2020
Project No:

A complex analysis of the chemical and physical behaviour of lightweight mineral admixtures in mortar matrix and of their effect on the properties of both the mortars matrix and porous space with emphasis on their durability, corrosion resistance and functionality, is the main subject of the project. The principal feature of investigations to be performed is their complexity. Proposed experimental procedures comprise physical, chemical and mineralogical characterization of raw¨materials, study of pozzolanic activity, multilevel design and development of lightweight mortars and detailed tests of their structure, chemical and mineralogical composition, mechanical and fracture-mechanical properties, and moisture, heat and salt transport and accumulation parameters. Mortars durability and corrosion resistance are also investigated. This complex approach makes it possible to attain a higher level of understanding of the physico-chemical processes taking place in the developed mortars than if only a couple of basic parameters are analysed as it is common in many current investigations.


Principal investigator

Zbyšek Pavlík

2 2435 7917

Office: D1048a