Thermal insulation composites containing waste plastic based fillers


Provider: GAČR
Solution time: 2017 - 2019
Project No:

A complex analysis of the effect of incorporation of waste plastics as fillers in thermal insulation composites is the main subject of the project. At first, the implementation of polymer substances into the silicate matrix is studied, whereas the adhesion of polymer fillers and hydrated products and application of wetting agents affecting the surface tension on the contact of composite components are of the particular importance. Then, the problem of composite mixture homogeneity and workability is researched and the effect of polymer fillers on composites mechanical, thermal, and hygric properties is evaluated. Additionally, durability, corrosion resistance, creep, and long-term volume changes of composites with regards to their interaction with environmental conditions of building structures are investigated. Finally, recommendations for future research aimed at application of waste plastics based fillers in production of thermal insulation composites are formulated, and economical and environmental benefits of application of secondary raw materials are accessed.

Principal investigator

Zbyšek Pavlík

2 2435 7917

Office: D1048a