Research of heavy metals immobilization in alternative low-carbon composites


Provider: GA ČR
Solution time: 2023-2025
Project No: 23-04744S

The legislatively mandated reduction of landfilling of waste leads to increase in its combustion. This process, combined with combustion of biomass for energy production, leads to formation of large quantities of multiple types of waste ash. Landfilling of ash is provisional and hazardous due the presence of toxic pollutants, namely heavy metals. However, such ash possesses specific properties, which make it applicable in construction composites, resulting in safe, ecofriendly, and cost-effective solution in its treatment. Its specific application lies in the field of partial binder/filler replacement or in geopolymer formation, while heavy metals are captured in the composite structure. The aim of the project is research into the high-performance lowcarbon composites, in which the ash from municipal solid waste, sewage sludge, and biomass combustion is utilized while ensuring sorption and immobilization of heavy metals. Such composites will consist of multi-phase binder systems or geopolymer matrices, mineral admixtures and nanoadditives with high heavy metal-sorption capacity.

Principal investigator

Zbyšek Pavlík

2 2435 7917

Office: D1048a