Ceramic materials

Group characteristics

    The group is focused on the complex characterization of ceramic materials under non-stationary boundary conditions in a broader temperature interval, the optimization of drying and firing processes and the use of new or waste materials. The researchers involved study physical and chemical changes in ceramic materials, porosity, length/volume changes, the dependence of thermal conductivity and diffusivity on temperature, also the temperature dependencies of mechanical parameters (modulus of elasticity and mechanical strength). Experimental determination of thermophysical and thermomechanical properties provides the opportunity for optimization of thermal processing of ceramic materials and thermal strain of ceramic products.


    A. Trník thermophysical and mechanical properties, thermal analyses

    E. Vejmelková mechanical, thermal and hygric properties, materials at high temperatures

    R. Černý links between microstructure, composition and functional properties

    L. Fiala determination of acoustic properties of bricks

    J. Fořt utilization of secondary and waste materials

    M. Keppert phase composition, microstructure and optimization


Robert Černý

2 2435 5044

Office: A330

Lukáš Fiala

2 2435 7125

Office: A328

Jan Fořt

2 2435 7130

Office: A325

Martin Keppert

2 2435 7126

Office: A329

Anton Trník

2 2435 4771

Office: D1065

Eva Vejmelková

2 2435 7129

Office: A327