Materials Characterization

Group characteristics

    The Materials Characterization group activities are focused on microstructure, composition, and properties of advanced building materials. The analysis of the effects of natural and artificial aging and severe conditions, such as high temperatures, high mechanical loads, or aggressive chemical substances, on cement- and lime-based composites and geopolymers belongs to the priorities of the group. The team includes materials engineers, physicists and chemists, which provides it with the synergy necessary for the development of new materials and complex assessment of their functional properties.


    E. Vejmelková mechanical, thermal and hygric properties, materials at high temperatures

    M. Keppert phase composition and microstructure

    R. Černý links between microstructure, composition and functional properties

    M. Doleželová intrusion and adsorption porosimetry

    M. Jerman calorimetry

    D. Koňáková thermal properties at high temperatures

    J. Krejsová scanning electron microscopy, optical microscopy

    L. Scheinherrová thermal analysis



Robert Černý

2 2435 5044

Office: A330

Magdaléna Doleželová

2 2435 8754

Office: D1015

Miloš Jerman

2 2435 7128

Office: A317

Martin Keppert

2 2435 7126

Office: A329

Dana Koňáková

2 2435 7129

Office: A327

Jitka Krejsová

2 2435 8754

Office: D1015

Lenka Scheinherrová

2 2435 9785

Office: A337

Eva Vejmelková

2 2435 7129

Office: A327