FTIR spektrometer Nicolet 6700

Information about the equipment

Manufacturer: Thermo Electron Corporation

Nicolet™ FT-IR spectrometers from Thermo Electron Corporation are the highest performance FT-IR systems available. While the spectrometer has the power to handle the most advanced research-level experiments, routine analyses are performed just as conveniently. Every facet of the Nicolet FT-IR spectrometer has been engineered to facilitate sample handling, introduce options to scientists, and increase laboratory throughput. Research-grade Nicolet FT-IR spectrometers offer a full range of step-scan operation modes for time-resolved, phase-resolved and space-resolved experiments, and dual-channel continuousscan mode for polarization modulation/demodulation experiments, as well as conventional single-channel continuous-scan operation for conventional applications. There are nine, typical experimental categories, including: 1) Extended spectral range experiments (27000 – 15 cm-1, i.e. from far-IR up to near ultra violet) 2) High resolution spectroscopy (better than 0.09 cm-1 for gas phase measurements) 3) Single-channel rapid-scan kinetics (77 spectra/sec at 8 cm-1 spectral data resolution) 4) Dual-channel polarization modulation spectroscopic experiments (IRRAS, VLD, and VCD, absorbance level on the order of 10-3 to 10-5) 5) Step-scan amplitude modulation (electroluminescence measurement) 6) Step-scan phase modulation (photoacoustic depth profiling) 7) Step-scan sample modulation (polymer stretching, liquid crystal dynamics, and spectro-electrochemistry) 8) Step-scan time-resolved spectroscopy (ns chemical kinetics, polymer stretching, liquid crystal dynamics and photoacoustic depth profiling) 9) Step-scan space-resolved spectroscopy (focal plane array detector-based IR imaging)

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Milena Pavlíková

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