Chemical laboratory

Info about the laboratory

Chemical laboratory serves for the assessment of chemical, structural and physical properties of building materials and base materials for their production. In laboratory, development and testing of new building materials is done. Moreover, materials already applied in building industry are tested. Durability tests under specific conditions, including salt crystallization, CO2, NOx, and high temperature action are conducted. Laboratory is equipped with Genesys 30 UV/VIS spectrophotometer ThermoScientific, particle size laser analyser Microtec Plus Fritsch, apparatus inoLab 740 pH/ION for potentiometric determination of solution concentration and content of dissolved substances, liquid chromatograph Shodex CD – 5, FTIR spectrometer Nicolet 6700, energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer ED-XRF QUANT’X ThermoScientic, optical microscope DINO-LITE, HOT DISK Thermal analyser TPS 1500, ISOMET 2104 Applied Precission, analytical and laboratory scales, draying ovens, vacuum drier, ball and disc mills, furnace for hightemperature loading of tested specimens, termostatic chambers, CO2 incubators, helium pycnometer Pycnomatic ATC ThermoScientific, data loggers and sensors for temperature, relative humidity, moisture content, CO2 concentration, salt concentration, and electrical conductivity measurements, automatic Vicat apparatus, Blain device, penetrometer Beton System, rotary viscometer ThermoScientific, water permeability apparatus. Chemical laboratory is located in rooms D1043, D 1044, D 1045, D 1046, D 1047, and D 1048.

Responsible persons

Zbyšek Pavlík

2 2435 4371

Office: D1048a