helium pycnometer Pycnomatic ATC

Information about the equipment

Manufacturer: Thermo Fischer Scientific

The Thermo Scientific Pycnomatic is the ultimate development for density measurement of solid materials available. Based on the technique of gas displacement to measure real density of solids and powders, Pycnomatic delivers unrivalled fast and accurate results. Real density is a fundamental parameter required to complete the characterization of many solid materials and powders. In addition, density analysis by gas displacement technique is a rapid and reliable way to determine the purity of solids, whenever an immediate but precise test is required. This applies to a wide array of technological fields such as: ceramics, mineralogy, geology, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, pigments, building materials, foams, plastics, polymers, abrasives and catalysts, just to name the most important. Pycnomatic uses mainly helium as a test gas. This features a very small atomic size that can even permeate the extremely narrow pores in a solid sample, permitting the determination of the real volume occupied by the sample. The ratio of the dried sample weight and the volume measured by the Pycnomatic gives the real density of the material. The high thermal conductivity of helium and its ideal gas behavior at around room temperature, make this technique extremely reliable and fast. Whenever helium is not recommended (i.e. for activated carbons) other inert gases like nitrogen can be used.

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