Jiří Brich

Ing. Jiří Brich

Ing. Jiří Brich




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Academic qualifications

2009-2013 Bachelor degree (Bc.), Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Field of study: Wood Technology, Bc. thesis: Comparasion oc Compression Strenght of Red Oak and Pedunculate Oak Wood from Mine Dumps

2013-2016 Master degree (Ing.), Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, Field of study: Wood Engineering, Ing. thesis: Analysis of known methods of the foundation structures of wooden buildings from the point of view of thermal physics and economics

2021-present Doctoral degree (Ph.D.), Faculty of Civil Engineering, CTU Prague, Field of study: Psysical and Materials Engeneering, Ph.D. thesis: Characterization of materials for the airtight layer of wooden buildings including details of connections and joints

Employment and practice

2017 - present Timber Research and Development Institute, Prague, s.e.
Research activity

Air permeability of buildings with regard to the material composition of structures and the quality of the indoor environment. Analysis and evaluation of building measurements using the Blower door test method - optimization of the airtight layer.