Samples preparation and students laboratory

Info about the laboratory

Students laboratory (rooms D 1049, D 1050, D 1051, D 1052, D 1053) is used mostly for the teaching purposes and for the samples preparation. Laboratory lessons in courses Building Materials in Czech and English languages (123SH01, 123SHMA, 123SHR, 123BM01), Material Engineering (123MAI, 123MED) and in other courses (123YMPU, 123YSHA) take part here. Laboratories are equipped with the basic devices for aggregates, cements and mortars testing (samples preparation, sieving tests, tests of mechanical, thermal and hygric properties).

Responsible persons

Alena Vimmrová

2 2435 7126

Office: A329

Pavel Košata

2 2435 7956

Office: D1052