Materials Research and Building Chemistry

Group characteristics

    We are concerned with the experimental assessment of microstructure, chemical, physical, and material properties of both traditional and innovative building materials. We design, develop and test materials with improved functional properties for specific applications in construction industry. Modern composite materials we design with the use of secondary raw materials and renewable resources. Performance, durability and ageing of building materials we study under both natural and controlled conditions, as well as at high temperatures, moisture and salt action. The research team is built-up from civil engineers, materials engineers, and chemists. We collaborate with chemical and building materials departments from Czech Republic, EU, China, and Argentina. We also actively cooperate with practice.


    M. Pavlíková

    building materials chemistry, chemical analysis, FT-IR and ED-XRF spectrometry, potentiometry and chromatography, optical microscopy, high-temperature dilatometry, rheometry

    Z. Pavlík

    materials design, testing of materials durability and functionality, mechanical and material properties under both standard and high temperatures

    M. Záleská

    chemistry of building materials, chemical analysis, FT-IR and ED-XRF spectrometry, pozzolanic activity

    A. Pivák

    mechanical and material characteristics at normal and high temperatures, high-temperature dilatometry, determination of thermo-technical parameters at normal and high temperatures 

    Š. Marušiak

    thermal and hygric material parameters, durability tests, salt crystallization, rheometry

    A. Kapicová

    mechanical, material, thermo-technical and hygric parameters at normal temperatures 



Šimon Marušiak

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Zbyšek Pavlík

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Milena Pavlíková

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Jaroslav Pokorný

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Martina Záleská

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