Mathematical and computer modeling

Group characteristics

    The research group is engaged in the solution of transport phenomena in building materials and components using methods of mathematical and computational modeling. Heat, moisture, chemical compounds, and electric charge transport belong to characteristic examples of problems solved. The computer simulated data are utilized, e.g., for the assessment of hygrothermal- and energy performance of building envelopes, or service life prediction of surface layers. Computational methods are also employed at design and optimization of composite mixtures, or tailored design of specific components in building structures.


    J. Maděra implementation of mathematical models, computer simulations of heat, moisture, and chemical compounds transport

    R. Černý physical and mathematical models of coupled heat, moisture, chemical compounds, and electric charge transport

    L. Fiala modeling of Joule heat evolution in building materials with enhanced electrical properties

    J. Fořt economical impact simulations

    J. Kočí inverse analysis of transport phenomena in porous building materials, modeling of climatic effects on building structures

    V. Kočí computer modeling and optimization of experimental setups

    I. Medveď theoretical studies of heat and mass transport in porous materials, modeling of phase change processes


Robert Černý

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Office: A330

Lukáš Fiala

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Office: A328

Jan Fořt

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Office: A325

Jan Kočí

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Office: A325

Václav Kočí

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Office: A328

Jiří Maděra

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Office: A331

Igor Medveď

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Office: D1048