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Informace o předmětu

/media/subjects/files/123BM01/lecture-12.pdfSubject is taught  in  spring  semester only. 

Weekly load: 2 hour lecture/week + 2 hour seminar /week 
Scheduled time in spring semestr 2018/2019: 
lectures: Thuersday, 14:00 - 15:50, A230
seminars: Thuersday, 16:00 - 17:50, A336 (Room changed!)

! Change! Exam: 23.5. 2019, 10:00 in A228

Main aim of course is giving basic information about the structure and properties of the building materials and about their testing methods on the base of the contemporary knowledge and materials engineering approach. The laboratory work (exercise) consists in the testing of building materials from the point of view of physically - chemical properties and their quality control.



Lectures summary


Content of seminars:

  • 5 laboratory lessons
  • 4 theoretical seminars
  • 2 calculation exercises

Program of seminars and rooms in spring semester 2019 

Laboratory lessons

Download of instructions and forms for laboratory lessons:

LAB 1:Testing of Cement -part I. Textbook - Chapter 12
LAB 2: Testing of Aggregates. Textbook - Chapter 14 
LAB 3: Testing of Cement - part II. Textbook - Chapter 13 
LAB 4: Modulus of Elasticity. Textbook - Chapter 15 
LAB 5 + 6: Tensile strength + Thermal Conductivity. Textbook - Chapter 16

Theoretical seminars

Seminar S1: Materials for vertical bearing structures
Seminar S2: Materials for horizontal constructions, roofs and claddings.
Seminar S3: Materials for thermal insulations.
Seminar S4: Materials for waterproofing and coatings.

Calculation problems

Calculation of typical  types of exam problems.
P1: Basic physical properties, moisture content, granulometry .
P2: Strength, modulus of elasticity, concrete mixture proposal

Assessment conditions:

  • participation at seminars 75 % (i.e. 9 lessons)
  • preparation for laboratory lessons and activity during lessons

- preparation (test) max. +3 points
- activity during lessons +1 point
- handover of protocol at the relevant lesson +1 point

  • in time delivery of presentation to the teacher (one week before oral presentation)

- late delivery - 3 points

  • successful oral presentation at the relevant theoretical seminar

- in the case of your absence or insufficient presentation the larger essay will be required

  • 5 correct test protocols
  • achievement of min. 7 points 
  • students with 7 to 13 points – final test

Laboratory rules



  • Lectures
  • The only allowed test aid
  • Somayaji, S.: Civil engineering materials. 2nd ed. - Prentice Hall, 2001
  • Soutsos M., Domone, P.: Construction Materials. Their Nature And Behaviour, Taylor &Francis Group; 2017, ISBN 9781498741101.
  • Mouton, Yves: Organic Materials in Civil Engineering, ISTE Ltd. 2006, ISBN: 978-1-905-20911-8 
  • Haimei Zhang: Building Materials in Civil Engineering. Woodhead Publishing 2011, ISBN 978-1-84569-955-0
  • Aitcin, P., C., High Performance Concrete (Modern Concrete Technology), CRC Press 1998, ISBN-13: 978-0419192701